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Graduation Day

Bay State Education

Bay State Education is an education consulting firm focused on helping international students navigate their search and application process for middle-school, high-school, undergraduate, and post-graduate degree programs. 


For students preparing to apply to college, our goal is to optimize their odds of acceptance through academic advising, extracurricular activity planning, and cultural education. Students receive a tailored guidance plan that's designed especially for them to address their individual needs and goals so that they realize their highest potential. 

Meet The Team


Rena Mirkin, M.A., Ed.D

Chief Consultant, International Education


Alan Chang, M.A.

Director of College Counseling


Franklin Chen, M.A.

Post-Graduate Admissions Specialist


Jelly Xiong, M.S.

Admissions Specialist


TOEFL and SAT/ACT Tutoring Services

Application School List Development

Step-by-Step Academic Counseling

Academic Course Schedule Consulting

Extracurricular Activities & Community Service Advising

Essay Preparation and Assistance

Interview Preparation

Resume Development

Application Submission

Waitlist Activities Advising

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