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Bay State Education

JNC Summer School

IVY International 

Streaming Classes


e-Commerce Boot Camp

Bay State Education
College Counseling

Bay State Education offers educational counseling services for international students preparing to apply to college or university in North America. Bay State Education assists students seeking tailored guidance and support throughout the international enrollment and admissions process.

Bay State

Summer School in China 

JNC Summer International School offers summer educational programs in China for students matriculated at U.S. higher education institutions. JNC Summer International School works in close partnership with select accredited U.S. institutions whose faculty deliver a range of transferrable, credit-bearing courses taught in-person and/or online.

Summer School

CerStar Online Education

CerStar Online Education, offers live-streaming classes in China with leading faculty from Ivy League institutions to students enrolled at China’s top universities. CerStar Online Education facilitates courses in a wide range of subject areas, including international business, managerial finance, financial accounting, AI, blockchain technology, etc.

Distance Edu

Boot Camp 

ZhongXin e-Commerce Boot Camp, offers an interdisciplinary digital marketing “boot camp” designed for lifelong learners in China who want to acquire essential “Industry 4.0” skills and knowledge. ZhongXin e-Commerce Boot Camp prepares China’s next-generation leaders in business and commerce.

e-Comm Boot Camp
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